Common ‘keto-friendly’ foods

If you read all my original What is Keto? post or have just landed here after reading other keto resources you may indeed feel overwhelmed. Rest easy! A ketogenic lifestyle does not have to be complicated. And if you haven’t started yet but want to, I think you should just jump right in with both feet. You’ll figure out how to swim as you go.

Please note that I am a meat-eater. You can do keto while keeping vegetarian, or even vegan, but I’m not a great resource for those specific diets. Maybe I’ll look into it more and do a dedicated post in the future.

If you cannot eat gluten, or find you have a sensitivity to it, then you’re in luck because most ‘keto’ foods are gluten free too! If you’re very sensitive to gluten then still be vigilant about cross-contamination at home, while out and about, or in manufactured products.

There are lots of great food as nothing is technically off limits if it fits your macros. Remember that ‘keto’ is eating to promote the metabolic state of ketosis. But here are some go-tos I have regularly:

  • First and foremost: any fish or seafood. Tuna from a can, salmon pan seared in olive oil, shrimp or scallops…I’ve recently found basa fish and love it pan-friend in butter. Where I’m from, cod fish is king but it’s usually deep fried in a beer and/or four batter coating which is not keto-friendly so I often have it ‘undressed’ or without the batter. Tarter sauce and a squeeze of lemon is great with it, too.
  • Cheese. I love cheese and eat more than I’d like to admit.
  • Pepperoni or salami. These often go hand-in-hand with cheese as a snack.
  • Nuts. I eat lots of nuts now, especially ones with higher fiber content like almonds. Nut butters are also great for baking or making fat bombs (recipes to come!)
  • Eggs. These are a staple of most on the keto diet. I make big batches of boiled eggs weekly and keep them for lunches or a quick snack. Crust-less quiche is also a big hit in our home.
  • Bacon. I’m not going to even pretend that the poster food for the keto diet isn’t something I eat. I don’t eat it everyday, mind you, but I do love it.
  • Veggies. This may surprise you but many on a keto diet eat tonnes of vegetables. Spinach-based salads are my fav, and a good Cesar salad with chicken, or a cobb salad are my go-to restaurant meal when I can’t find anything I’m sure will fit my macros. I tend to stay away from root veggies such as carrots or more sugary ones like corn and peas. But that leaves lots to choose from such as asparagus, peppers, and all the cruciferous vegetables like cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli, brussel sprouts, and similar leafy greens.
  • Berries. It’s true that I don’t eat much fruit but I love berries, especially when they’re in season but I get frozen ones for smoothies other times of the year. Berries are higher carb but have lots of fiber and can satisfy a sweet craving.
  • Avocados. Loaded with good fats and some fiber too.
  • Chicken wings. Make them yourself or ensure those you’re buying aren’t breaded or have extra carbs. Also watch out for any sauce on them as the sauce may be too high-carb for your diet.

These are all standard in my diet. What you’ll notice is they are mostly whole foods or can be used as ingredients in home cooking. I do cook a lot, but am partial to some packaged foods that are keto-friendly.

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