Pre-packaged favs (#1)

The ketogenic lifestyle doesn’t have to be all macro calculations and home cooking. Sometimes it helps to have on-the-go snacks. Here are some of my current fave pre-packaged keto-friendly snacks.

Love Good Fats bars (formerly Suzy Good Fats). These are best from the fridge as the denser texture benefits from being chilled. More fudgy! I’ve found these in boxes at Walmart and single bars in lots of stores.

Another great go-to bar are these Kind ones, specifically the almond sea salt and dark chocolate variety.

Bone broth. I just pour some into a cup and heat in the microwave to make a quick drink. This Imagine brand in particular is easy to find in my nearby grocery stores.

This Lindt chocolate bar is my fav. Check out those macros!

Nuts are a typical snack for me. These pistachios are fun to eat and the salt and pepper flavor is different. Helps with cravings for potato chips!

This nut mix was a Winners fab find. I swear that store is awesome for keto-friendly discoveries!

I found these cookies at Winners for $3. They taste great and are a good go-to if I want a dessert but haven’t baked any of my own treats.

Whisps are a classic ‘keto’ snack. I found them at Costco and think they’re good, but very rich. Only need a few to satisfy.

I love yogurt but need a flavor. Plain yogurt is not tasty to me. But with keto I thought flavored yogurt was out of the picture because so many have too much sugar. I was excited to find this Yoplait Source is pretty good on macros. This lemon pie flavor is my fav but we sometimes get strawberry or vanilla, too.

These are pepperoni sticks. I’ve had ones with better macros but these are the ones in my pantry at the moment. And these are very easy to find. Walmart has them for about $1.20 for a to-go pack of five. You can also find them in larger packs.

I’m always in the lookout for new finds and keto-friendly foods. Next time I have a new batch I’ll update here with my new favs!

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